BPA: Voice2Page Internet Advertising Capabilities Exceed Expectations

July 29, 2008 – 2:43 pm

Shelton, CT 29 July 2008 - Voice2Page Communications, Inc. has completed its initial BPA Worldwide interactive audit of NetAudioAds.com. In a first for the global auditor of media, BPA verified the delivery of more than 185 million short, audio ads to websites that requested them.

NetAudioAds.com comprises a network of participating web pages equipped to play the 8-second adlets automatically to visitors at the time they land on those pages.

The audit reported a daily average of 8. slots .4 million adlets were played on more than 5.5 million web pages during a 22-day period. The audit also confirmed over 27 million unique listeners on 45,717 total publisher domains during a period from January 24th - February 14, 2008.

“Agency media buyers and advertisers have never been more focused on having trusted, independent verification ensuring their clients are getting what they are paying for,” explained Voice2Page Chief Marketing Officer, Jeffry Brown. “The ability to show our audio network circulation has passed BPA’s rigorous standards puts us shoulder-to-shoulder with the best media companies in the business to any advertising prospect large or small. We expect the BPA audit will influence many additional advertisers to use NetAudioAds Internet network sooner with enhanced returns on their advertising expenditures.

Glenn J. Hansen, BPA Worldwide President and CEO, praised Voice2Page for voluntarily opening its logs to independent verification and documentation of NetAudioAds.com. Hansen pointed out the new product will benefit both advertisers and web site owners. “Voice2Page’s unique ability to utilize the Web as a communications and advertising medium is evident,” he said. “By demonstrating their continued belief in the value of the interactive audience, they have given a vote of confidence to the future of interactive advertising.”

About BPA Worldwide A not-for-profit organization since 1931, BPA Worldwide is governed by a tripartite board comprised of media owners, advertising agencies and advertisers. Headquartered in Shelton, Connecticut, USA, BPA has the largest membership of any media-auditing organization in the world, spanning more than 30 countries. Worldwide, BPA serves more than 2,500 media properties’ including over 1,900 B-to-B publications, more than 400 consumer magazines and newspapers, 100+ Web sites, and events, email newsletters, databases, wireless and other advertiser-supported media as well as more than 2,600 advertiser and agency members. Visit www.bpaww.com for the latest audit reports, membership information and publishing and advertising industry news.

About Voice2Page Communications V2P Communications Inc. (aka Voice2Page) was established in 2005 to develop innovative, dynamic audio tools to enhance the website visitor experience and create new marketing channels for Internet commerce. As an Internet web-based communications/media company we’re focused on opportunities arising from new Internet technology, emerging online markets, and ever-changing trends of Internet users. The explosive growth and popularity of the Internet has generated an extraordinary acceptance for website audio; nevertheless, there are still hundreds of millions of silent websites on the Internet. Voice2Page has elected to focus its current business direction on the future growth and demand for easy-to-use quality Internet audio website services and audio ads that bring new life to websites. We have created new technologies, products and services that enable the average Internet user to record and listen to dynamic audio on the Internet. Our easy-to-use web-based services give the novice tools for adding their own voice message or audio to a silent Internet. And for the advanced users, we have developed special audio marketing and dynamic advertising techniques for reaching millions of Internet website visitors.

For additional information on Voice2Page visit our website at www.voice2page.com or contact:
Jeffry Brown, CMO
Voice2Page Communications
5820 Oberlin Drive Suite 203
San Diego CA 92121
612 382-4005
858 200-2222

To view original document from BPA press on the link provided:

The final BPA Audit:

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