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April 9, 2008 – 2:45 pm

This is part one of a series of posts detailing individual features of the NetAudioAds program. Each post in this category will take one aspect of our service and delve into detail about how it works and how to best utilize it effectively.

Key2Page is the result of countless requests from advertisers to have an audio adlet which also includes the ability to directly link a visitor to their website. However, this seemingly simple feature presented us with some new technical challenges. First off, how do we generate a click from an ad that takes no screen real-estate? There is no banner, popup, pop-under or any other physical link for the user to click on, so, given the short time allotted for an audio adlet, we discovered that the most natural and easiest to convey method to receive a visitor’s interest was a key press. Thus, the Key2Page concept was born.

The next technical challenge we faced was with modern web browsers built-in popup blocking features. The visitor would press the key as told in the adlet - and their browser would not allow a new window to load, blocking it as if it was a popup! The page could easily redirect to the new link, but that would drive traffic away from the page the user had initially visited. The website owners (publishers) wanted a way to have links direct to a new window, keeping their site open and retaining their visitors. To solve this, we needed to give the user a physical link to click on. Our solution, albiet complex to engineer, is incredibly simple to use for end user. When the visitor hears the ad, and presses the key as told, a small ‘tool tip’-like box called a KeyLink appears in the lower left corner of the browser window. Een nadeel hiervan is wel dat als je wint, je geen echt geld uitgekeerd krijgt, maar het is zeker een leuke manier om kennis te maken met een online casino .. This KeyLink box shows the NetAudioAds logo, a close button to remove the box, and most importantly a clickable link to direct to the advertiser’s site.

This is what it looks like:

Key2Page Example KeyLink Box

We at NetAudioAds feel that this method is the most powerful way for the advertiser to drive traffic to their site and see effective returns on their advertising dollars. By using Key2Page and opting to use the KeyLink box, the advertiser gets traffic direct to their site, and the publisher of the website that signed up to make money with NetAudioAds doesn’t lose a visitor. It’s completely optional - and it’s a choice of both the advertisers and the website publishers whether to allow or disallow either method.

Stay tuned for more information about the innovative new products and technologies from V2P Communications NetAudioAds!

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